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Who is it for?

Primordia Biosystems is a biotechnology start-up based in California and Florida developing biotechnology systems, microdevices and materials for its clients. The three founders of Primordia have in excess of 50 years of research and product development experience encompassing all areas of biotech from wireless systems to cellular interfaces to manufacturing to microbiology.

Image source: Kundu et al., RSC Advances, 9, pp. 8949 – 8963, 2019

Our Team

Swaminathan Rajaraman

Scientific Advisor

Swami is an established university professor with research projects in micro and nanofabrication for biological applications. He co-founded Axion BioSystems Inc., a world-leader in high-throughput microelectrode arrays and systems.

PhD/MS/BS in Electrical Engineering


Chief Executive Officer

Dave has been baptized-by-fire in the largest manufacturing companies. He founded and worked for multiple startups and brings business development, sales and marketing experience.

MBA, MS in Electrical Engineering and BS in Engineering Physics.


Chief Technology Officer

Frank’s natural habitat is the intersection of biology, engineering and computer science.  He is a biological sciences professor with expertise in electrophysiology and body-on-a-chip research.

PhD in Biology, MS/BS in Bioengineering and Biomimicry


Primordia develops micro and nanotechnology based devices and systems to interface with cells
and organisms. Our systems and devices are developed and manufactured in the USA.


Primordia is developing novel materials that are targeted at bringing electrophysiology to everyone. Our materials are synthesized and manufactured in the USA.

Image source: Didier et al., Nature Microsystems and Nanoengineering, 6, 15, 2020.


If you have biotechnology system needs, contact us. With a broad array of skills spanning the entire
biotech product cycle and presence on both coasts, we can service all your product development needs.

Work with the very best

We have the level of expertise needed for today’s hi-tech industry and operate at two coasts in the US.



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